In the kitchen – A reforming baker

I love to paint, write and create.  I also looooooove to bake.  Over the years I have mastered the scone, cake, pie, cookie or basically anything laden with sugar, butter and flour.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

It all began with the cranberry/orange scone.


Then blueberry/lemon..


Then cinnamon/sugar with rich buttermilk.


There was the French toast made with Pain Paysan Peasant bread. Topped with a cinnamon, vanilla, maple, peach compote.

french toast

Oh my…and the homemade buttermilk 8 grain pancakes with nectarine and maple.  I’m drooling as I type.


Vanilla bean cream pie w/bananas and Guittard dark chocolate chips.

cream pie

And then came the AMAZING experiments such as Pastry S’mores.  A new dessert I invented. “Pastry dough with graham cracker crumbs, marshmallow and a square of dark Ghirardelli chocolate inside. Fully baked. Then spread melted marshmallow on top and broil for just a moment. Dust with cocoa powder and shave additional Ghirardelli chocolate on top. The dough and marshmallow are sweeter and the darker chocolate is a nice balance. They were yummy. Next time I will leave the dough flat and bake with the graham and chocolate in the center (and allow the pastry dough to rise around it) and then add the marshmallow at the end again. I think only having one layer of dough will be even better. Oooo, and maybe add some toffee chips for a crunch”.  

These were incredible and yet there wasn’t a next time.  This dessert was a delicious sugar bomb and even I knew it would be best to not make them again…lest we eat them all….again.

smores pastry

Over the years I’ve backed off the desserts and added in a few healthier and still yummy recipes.  I also started to have really severe food allergies which really shoved me into making these changes.   Baking and eating these desserts just wasn’t sustainable anymore.

So here comes 2013 and my breakfasts are filled with smoothies made with soy, frozen fruits, spinach and flax.  My lunches are quniona, brown rice, tofu, veggies and Braggs liquid aminos.  I still have 72% or higher dark chocolate up in my cabinet.  I’m not totally crazy after all.

I am making small steps to plant new habits and recipes into my brain.  Recipe’s that I can make easily and I know are going to taste great and make me feel good.

Yesterday I made a couple of favorites and a new dressing.  Take a peek…

First…”Green Bean and Beet Salad”.  When I started having food allergies I went to see an awesome nutritionist at Green Lake Nutrition.  If you live in the Seattle area and need someone, I highly recommend Ying Yu.

I learned this recipe while working with one of their teaching chefs there.


Instead of cooking my own beets, I love using Trader Joe’s.  They are delicious and cut down prep time quite a bit.


The recipe calls for fresh basil and mint.  I didn’t have either but did have dried on hand.  I used a little less that is called for and it turned out great.  I cooked my beans for 15 min rather than 5 min (per the recipe). I’m just not into really hard green beans.   I also added in a bit more fresh lemon.  I suggest eating this cold.  Soooo good!

green beans and beets006

Another item made yesterday was a “Simple Raw Garlic Salad Dressing“.  My friend Sara turned me on to it and it is refreshing and packed with awesome garlicky-nes.  In this batch I just used olive oil, fresh lemon, fresh garlic, sea salt and pepper.  You can also add in herbs and other seasonings.  It’s great on everything.

Back to my friend Sara.  She has made a commitment to go raw for an entire year.  Really inspiring. She is sharing her journey and many great resources on her blog My Raw Food Year.  Check it out.

In the photo below, see all the garlic at the bottom just waiting to be scooped up?  Yum!


I also made “Gluten Free Savory Spinach & Red Pepper Muffins”.  I actually can eat gluten and also really love these.  It’s another recipe I learned from Green Lake Nutrition.

A note about the recipe below.  Prep time isn’t 10 min.  No way.  I am really speedy and it took me at least 30 min.  That said, don’t be discouraged.  These muffins are worth the time and provide a protein punch that really fills you up not to mention they are delicious.

I have eaten them cold but I do prefer them room temp or slightly warmed.  Because they have egg, they do need to be stored in the fridge.  For this batch I didn’t have red peppers on hand so I left them out.  I also left out the cheese and carrot.  But everything else is in there.  I recommend playing with the recipe and making it your own.


savory muffins005

So, I’m off to go help take down the Christmas tree, I know, it’s Jan 6th but the light are all sparkly and such. Then going to make some quinoa for the week and prep some veggies.  And hopefully, get out some watercolor and escape into my happy place.

What changes are you making in 2013?

Happy New Year!

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  1. Oooooh, you are so good! These look so tasty (:

  2. Your stuff looks amazing.

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