I recently took a couple of glassblowing sessions at Uptown Glassworks.  In the end, I brought home three bowls.  In this particular session, you choose your colors, style and then do the actual glassblowing.  The professionals handle the glass rod, hot glass and 2000 degree oven.  I provided the design and the air.

My friend Heather and I took the first session together.  My first bowl is on the left, hers on the right.  We love how they turned out.

These are called “suck bowls”.  You start by choosing the colors you want and then if you want them to be speckled or swirled.  The process begins by grabbing a blob of glass and rolling it in the colored glass pieces.  If you want speckles you just move towards blowing the glass.  If you want a swirl, the glass needs to be reheated and pulled along a metal table to stretch out the colored glass pieces.

You then blow into a tube that goes to the metal rod and creates a glass globe.  Once it is the size you want, you then suck in the air which will concave the top and have it collapse inside the bowl.    Once the bowl is created, it is placed on a 1000+ degree blob of clear glass as a base.  The glass then needs to cure in an oven for a few days to come down to room temperature slowly as to not crack.

Here are the finished pieces

As well as being a glassblowing studio, they also have many pieces for sale.

I really loved giving this a try.  For those of you in Seattle, they often have a Groupon or LivingSocial deal going on.  Definitely worth buying.

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