Tree Mural

As well as being an artist, I am also a therapist.  I had the wonderful opportunity to paint a tree mural for the mental health agency I work for.  The wall is about 12′ x 12′ and is in our main lobby.  It is my largest mural to date.

I started the painting with a rough pencil sketch directly on the wall

I began by painting in sections.  This style of tree reminds me of stained glass.

I worked on this over many weeks, catching a free hour here and there in between clients.  It was also a great opportunity for clients to talk about the art they make and how creativity helps improve their lives.  I love how art brings people together.

I  continued by marking color sections with a dab of paint to ensure that the color placement was working.

Once the sections were painted, I added in the dark brown outline.  One of my favorite things about the tree are the gold and copper paint sections.  When sun hits the lobby, the tree starts to sparkle.  This is an exaggerated photo, using flash, to help you see the shimmer.

One of my favorite parts of the tree is the small sprout on the bottom right.  There is something about potential that always makes me smile.

There is a super long hallway that leads to the lobby.  The tree seems to grow as you walk closer and closer.

I have a two more mural commissions coming up.  It’s been a fun challenge to move from my smaller watercolor and ink paintings to such a large wall.  I love the idea that this tree might add some happiness to the world.

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2 thoughts on “Tree Mural

  1. I love it and am SO BLESSED to get to see it every day!!

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