Creating over the weekend

It was a busy and fun weekend of creative projects.

I baked cookies and make a pot roast (a big deal, see why below) for my guy for an early Valentine’s Day. Made three new bracelets to add to my sparkly collection. Started knitting a red scarf to go with my favorite mittens and did some reading/writing. I also worked on four canvases, adding a few layers of acrylic…with many more to come as part of an art workshop I’m taking.

A perfect way to spend 48 hours. I didn’t want it to end. Here are a few photos from the weekend.

Oatmeal, dark Guittard chocolate, cinnamon and walnut cookies.  They were heavenly.  I baked half the dough and froze the other half to bake more in a few weeks.

Pot Roast for my guy.  I have made pot roast only two times in my entire life. I am a vegetarian so I never buy or cook meat so this was a special Valentine’s gift.  The roast simmered for over 4 hours with carrots, potato, onion, beef broth and thyme.  At the end, red wine was added.  It smelled AMAZING and I was told it was great.  The meat fell apart on the fork.

After making the roast I began to work on a few bracelets.  I ran across a few beads in my collection that I hadn’t seen in a while.  When I was in Amsterdam in 2009 I bought beads at a Cathedral gift shop.  I’ve been hanging on to them, waiting for the right bracelet idea to come along.  This one is ceramic,heavy and just stunning.  At one inch square, it’s quite a stand out and deserves to be on a piece of jewelry where it gets all the attention.

This ceramic bead was hand painted in a beautiful Asian style.

This is a favorite stone bead of mine.  I’d love to create a pendant from it some day.

I made this bracelet first.   The beads are a mixture of glass and Swarovski crystal.  I love having some daily sparkle on my wrist.

This bracelet was made with memory wire that holds its shape so no clasp required.  It wraps around my wrist a few times and is a fun pop of color.

This bracelet includes two yellow agates and one orange agate I purchased in Amsterdam as well as other glass and ceramic beads and crystals.  I also added two silver leaves to the clasp.  This one reminds me of nature and of the cathedral where I bought the stones.  I love the way the color catches the sun.

I started to knit a new red scarf to go along with my favorite mittens.

I am on week one of a five-week art workshop I’m taking with artist Flora Bowley.  This canvas above and the one below are assignments from class.  It’s been fun and… tough.  This weeks class is about intuition and also painting without a plan of what will evolve.  Usually when I paint, I know where I’m heading and I also love….LOVE…more order to my work.  Many of my paintings include some kind of black outline.  This painting may also evolve into something with thick black lines in it but for now, I’m letting go and just playing with paint and layers of warm and cool colors.  I am learning to let go.

This last piece below is one part of two boards I’ve been working on.  The base is a wood board, covered in textured acrylic paint, then a layer of masking tape, more liquid acrylic and lastly, heavy bodied gold acrylic.  This painting has a long way to go.  I see many layers in the future but I am loving its current look.  Subtle yet reflective and textured.

There is a fine line when it comes to creating versus blogging.  Usually when I’m missing from the blog, I’m deep in some creative project…or three, or four.   Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Creating over the weekend

  1. jenniferherron on said:

    I still want that cookie… 🙂
    What a wonderful, creative weekend – your energy inspires me!

  2. Elizabeth – I hope all is well with you. During my blog reading sessions today, I discovered another creative force similar to you. I thought you might enjoy checking her out. So, here’s a link to her. I also suggested that she visit you as well. Happy Easter 🙂

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