Put a bird on it

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I took a stained glass class on Saturday at Glassique in Seattle. The class was 6 hours (we went to 7+). Everyone was able to choose a 9 x 7 pattern they wanted to create. I chose a bird. I’ve been craving some yellow lately and this was the perfect opportunity to add some to the house.

The store/shop had many gorgeous examples of completed artworks.  They teach stained glass, fused glass, mosaic as well as other  techniques.  This leaded glass piece below was stunning!  If it had only been sunny out.

They also had a few examples of mosaics.  This was my favorite.

Here are a few of their fused glass pieces.

I bought a couple of pendants.

For the class, I decided to create a bird.  The first step was to decide which direction you wanted the grain of the glass to go for each section and then draw a line on the pattern.  Then cut out the paper segments.

It was fun taking the time to choose the colors for the piece.

Once you decide on the glass, you use a glue stick to attach the pattern piece to the glass.  Then you make your cuts.  After you cut the pieces, you start to lay them out on top of a second paper pattern.  They aren’t going to fit well at first.  It’s challenging to cut glass to an exact pattern.  But not impossible.

That’s why you then grind the glass down to the proper shape on the grinder.  Here are the pieces after grinding them.  The paper is still wet from the process.

The grinder.

Still trying to line up the glass and get it all to fit.  It takes time and patience.

It took about 4 hours to get from choosing a pattern to cutting and grinding all the pieces and being ready for the next step.  Copper foil.  Each piece of glass is wrapped in the foil and then the edges are burnished with a plastic tool to make sure there aren’t any bubbles in the tape.  The solder will adhere to the foil so you want to make sure it looks smooth.

The bird is all foiled and ready to go on to the next step.  Brush all the foil with flux, start tacking the pieces together.  Once you have it tacked, you then solder all the edges.   Then flip the entire artwork over and flux/solder the other side.  Add on your lead edges and rings to hang it and then…..

You have a bird!

I love the details of the glass, the sections, the colors.  Reminds me of my paintings. Thick black line and vibrant color!

I would love to take one of my digital paintings and create a stained glass version.    If I were to choose one…I’d create either “Vivid Dreams”  for all of the colors or “Visions of the Peaceful Woods” for the tree bark.

We decided to hang the bird near one of our art/plant corners.   It added beautiful color to an already colorful, happy room.

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One thought on “Put a bird on it

  1. I love where you have hung this! Now you can enjoy that warm yellow on these lovely winter days!
    Thanks for sharing the process – I’ve wondered how it was done. 🙂

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