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I’ve had these ink drawings on my mind lately.  I was originally inspired when I saw an oil painting of poppies at an art show a couple of months back. That dot of bright red color stayed in my brain.  I originally was drawing this in walnut ink and red pencil.

This was the first one.  The image then evolved into this – walnut ink and red calligraphy ink.

Lately I’ve been interested in black and light blue calligraphy ink.  My entire family received a version of this drawing for Christmas. Each one a little different, a little nuance.  Each one has a special marking or pattern that defines it…allows it to stand out…to me anyway.

I loved the way that my fingers ended up with blue and black ink on them by the time I was done.  Reminded me of every Shakespeare movie I’ve seen where he rushes in with his latest pages for the play, fingers stained from his creativity.

One thing I know for sure, is that when I have an image or shape in my head, and it won’t go away, I just need to create it.  Sometimes over and over again till the urge leaves.  Every day I’m usually drawing or painting in 2-3 different sketchbooks/journals (nature and life drawing) as well as lately creating one of these…poppy inspired drawings.

The other night I documented a few of the steps as I drew.  Well, actually I took an hour-long video with lounge music playing in the background while I drew each tiny detailed line.  I watched it back…and…well….let’s just say it’s long and repetitive.  I loved watching it but I think it’s because I was actually there.  I plan to edit it at some point down to a speedy version of about 3 min or less.  Until then, here are a few process shots from my most recent ink drawing.

I drew with a traditional calligraphy pen and a very special hand blown glass, quill art pen.  It creates an incredibly fine line, as thin as a small sewing needle.  It’s amazing.  I remember buying it while on a trip to San Diego a few years ago.  Just holding it in my hand makes me smile.

The series is called “Connected”.  I love the way some of the tentacles are reaching out and touching others.  Most of all, I love the calm that comes over me as I draw these lines.  My breathing slows, my brain relaxes and I am somewhere else…completely.

I will be submitting a couple of versions of this drawing for both a fabric and wallpaper print.  I’ve been testing some staggered/repetitive patterns of the drawings and they are fantastic.  More soon on that next step.

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6 thoughts on “Connected

  1. Great process, great post, great art… XO

  2. I am definitely going to try this. I am just walking again, out looking at trees. I remember as a sophomore in high school doing a science project on “The Phylotaxy of Dicotolydons” This was back in the day before markers, and we only had poster board and india ink and brushes. So, almost 50 years ago, and I was just thinking to check it out on line and do some inking and rev myself up. And, I love circles.

  3. I love the idea of having fabric created out of this! It would be such a wonderful print! 🙂 It was great seeing the process in the photos- very fun!

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