Last weekend was my (our) 20th Anniversary.  So, what do you get for the guy who has everything?  You paint him a Sasquatch of course.

I laughed the entire time I painted it.  It was especially funny how people reacted when they walked by at the coffee shop while I was painting.  They showed interest as they got closer to see what I was working on.  It soon turned into an “awkward looking away”, unsure of what to say to me…or to even make eye contact as they saw it was a Sasquatch.  Hilarious.

It ended up being the perfect gift.  My guy couldn’t stop laughing when he opened it.  It’s now hanging up in the house.

Here are a few process photos from the painting.

(click on image to enlarge)

Getting a general sketch down on paper.


I love segments of color.


Don’t worry, the smiley face is just a place holder.


All done!


Did you notice the special segment?


Sasquatch has a heart.


I had a few ideas of how to add to the background.  Instead of altering the original painting, I instead showed my guy some options that I sketched out on a few prints.


This one was my favorite.  I have been thinking about these triangle shapes a lot lately.


In the end, we left him “au natural”.

I do plan to sell Sasquatch note cards and prints.  If you would like to pre-order, send me an email at  Maybe I should add in a Loch Ness Monster watercolor as well?

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One thought on “Sasquatch

  1. i love this gift!

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