Process of Watercolor & Ink

One of the biggest requests I get from viewers of my blog is to see “how” I made something.  People love photos of the process.  I admit that I love looking at artist journals, artist studios and most of all…the steps they take in their work.

I create some of my best work while out at local coffee shops.  I love setting up at a table in the corner, music in the background, the buzz of people walking by and usually an amazing view of Puget Sound outside.

Tonight I headed to Starbucks on Alki without an idea of what I would paint, but as soon as I sat down, my mind was back on pod shapes.  As an artist, I just have to go with what my brain and heart wants.  So tonight, two new pods created with 140 lb Lanaquarelle paper, watercolor and ink.

Here are a few process shots as I created these two pieces.

I was inspired by the tiny paper punch hole in the watercolor paper (above far left) and how the watercolor paint reacted on the edge.  It got me thinking about how it might look to purposely tear paper and test different pigments on the edges.  The paper was too thick to tear while dry (140lb) so in order to create the torn holes, I wet the paper, allowed it to absorb for a few moments and then took my key and pierced a few holes in the paper and then tore off the excess and the edges. The next two photos show the process of this watercolor/paper test piece.

Hope you enjoyed the paintings.

What would you like to see more of on my blog?



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2 thoughts on “Process of Watercolor & Ink

  1. emilyadamiani on said:

    Beautiful and fabulous! Love the design, look, feel and the colors!

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