Books that Inspire!

I’ve been neglecting my blog but at the same time, I’ve been deep into a daily sketching and painting practice as well as writing poetry and essays. I have been living and breathing creating. I feel alive!

I received three new art books today and thought it might be fun to share all of the books that are inspiring me at the moment. Many of these books are instructional. Art inspires art and flipping through these books often brings new ideas to mind. Someday I will show you my technical books, artist theory books and anthologies. But for today…instruction…plus the amazing “Diary of Frida Kahlo” that I simply can’t put down.

What inspires YOU?

(click image to enlarge)


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One thought on “Books that Inspire!

  1. Bobbie Magda on said:

    I wondered when you’d get back here ;p You have always loved books and I know you would never get a ‘Kindle’ type thingy. Hugs

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