As it should be

I am meant to be here, right now,

exhaling to the sound of a cello and piano.

I am meant to hold a dog’s head as she rests in the sun,

scratching under her chin while she falls asleep in my hand.

To wear a knitted scarf of autumn, golds, greens, reds and purple.

To lose myself in a color or a sound,

a feeling of overwhelming emotion and peace.

I am the cello, the note on the page as it jumps into my skin

and weaves its way to the very core.

My hand must move, must write, must paint. I am young again.

I am alive, as I have always been, nudged by the beauty of detail,

and the detail of the beautiful.

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One thought on “As it should be

  1. jen herron on said:

    I love how clear you can articulate – or as close as anyone can come to – that moment when you feel exhileration and peace at the same time. When you KNOW that you are engaged and connected to the world around you. This is a lovely piece…

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