The sunset blanketed the wall in my house and the glass came alive.

I ran for my camera.

It’s easy for me to assume that everyone sees the world the same way I do. That everyone pauses to look at the way light reflects on a piece of metal or blade of grass or how the sunset hits that one corner of a painting and changes everything about it for that moment until the light moves further west.

The other night I was sitting on the sofa, lost in writing and day dreaming, and noticed out of the corner of my eye that the sunset was reflecting on the wall in our house. Our giant elm tree branches and leaves were dancing in the wind and creating this puppet show of light and color from the glass vases on the cabinet. I gasped and stared.

I began to take one picture after another of the wall, the glass the reflection.  I became separate from my mind and time and space and was completely lost in detail.  It is moments like these that I long for, that I set out to find every day, that I slip into when I see something shiny…that space where time stops and I can hear my breath slowing down as I begin to experience and live inside of a moment.

After capturing the images of the reflected light I sat down and began to watch the leaves moving again, the wind almost moving in time to the music.  I turned up the CD (Radiohead – “Street Spirit” – The Bends) and began to record .

As the sun continued to set,  the left side of the wall began to close in and take on shapes and movement and a darkness that made my mind swirl with yearning, I wanted to be in that shadow, moving in sync with nature, the wind and tree.

This is how my mind works.  These are the moments where ideas come, where they flood my head so rapidly that I can’t grasp them all.  Where I am at peace and feel full and then immediately feel empty and long for a pen/journal or paintbrush or camera in my hand to somehow begin to express how this feels, how I feel, when I am fully present and part of it all.

Sunset reflecting on Radiohead (video)

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One thought on “light

  1. jenherron on said:

    Oh my, Beth – those are amazing pictures. Beautiful. And you are amazing and beautiful to see the world as you do.

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