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I am having a love affair…with broken ends of Magnolia buds.

Everything about them carries me into a deep trance-like state.

The soft furry stem is what I would imagine a fawns ankle to feel like…thin, soft, hearty…spring.   Next to it is a light brown edge that appears carved and deliberate, framed in a dark brown ridge that slowly blends into a perfectly dotted leather connected to a soft velvet of tan and green…life.

I get lost in this moment, treasuring this sacred gift from nature.  Seeing the painting, the sculpture the watercolor in its detail.  Remembering the gasp that came from my mouth when I first saw it laying in the grass, waiting to be loved and noticed.

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2 thoughts on “Magnolia

  1. jenherron on said:

    So beautiful and so lovely that you noticed and then shared it with me with pictures and words. Thank you!

  2. Tigglet2 on said:

    From left to right…….delicate, stronger, strongest!
    Love this photo. Thanks for sharing!

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