I love to create!  I am mainly known as a painter and photographer but with my family and friends I am also known to collage, make jewelry, work with polymer clay, make handmade cards and bake some fantastic desserts.

Some of my most cherished creations around the house are one of a kinds where I tried something different and played with new materials.

I was inspired to create this collage after discovering a local woodworker who sells spare wood cut squares.  I had a bag of 10 squares in my art studio for a few weeks when one day a clothing catalog arrived.  I began to study the patterns and colors of the cloth and soon I was on my way to creating this collage.  I remember having the collage on the table with the cut out pieces for a few days.  Each day I would move the pieces around until one day I just knew they were in the right place.

This collage was born after receiving a fantastic Anthropologie catalog in the mail.  Many of the pieces are actually cutouts of skirts and jewelry. In the background is moss and grass from the same catalog.  Near the end I decided to add in a light background flower pattern paper and the one pea pod.  It just needed to be in there.   The collage is sealed against wood scraps that are connected by twine.  The sides of the wood are painted with an Daniel Smith Duochrome Acrylic.  The paint takes on either a copper brown or green color depending upon the light and your position when viewing it.

This piece was created when I was testing silver and gold powder watercolor.  I liked the piece so much I placed it in a glass card holder (usually used to place seating cards at the table) and put it on display.  One thing I learned in the test is that once the watercolor powder dries on the paper, it will rub off if touched unless sealed.

This is a simple decoration.  I found this paper at a jewelry making class and almost made it into a pendant.  Instead I decided to prop it up against a candle to add some color to the room.  I love looking around the house and discovering small surprises of color like this one.

I was on a meditation retreat when I created this.  I love the simplicity.  The background is a textured, robin’s egg blue paper.  On it are pebbles, attached in a circle.  This is on our refrigerator and catches the morning sunlight that comes in the window.  Bringing nature indoors brings me peace.

One year I received a GIANT package of glitter glue tubes in various colors for Christmas.  I immediately began to make a large “painting” of glitter circles.  When I was done I created this small (1″ x 1″) glitter circle that has become a favorite.  It sets in this hand blown glass dish just waiting to be discovered.

This is one of my all time favorite pieces.  I made the squares 5 years before I realized how I needed to hang them.  I painted the squares one day when I was thinking about laying the in the grass as a little girl.  I then had them stacked in my studio and every once in a while I would lay them out on my table and move the colors around.  I had many ideas about how to hang them.  Originally I was going to hang then from a board, then considered hanging them vertically from twine.  Then, one day, I was out in the yard and found the perfect stick.  I had picked it up to study the moss that had grown on one side when I realized….”you belong with the grass squares!”

I then hung each piece with silver wire with the idea that I could unwrap the squares in the future and switch the colors around.

For me, creating is seeing the detail in nature and the simple things around me.  I believe in potential, both in people and of the everyday item,  image or piece from nature that then becomes a special work of art.

Creating comes in many forms.  It can be a painting or collage, a poem, an amazing dinner, bringing a beautiful pine cone indoors and placing it just “so’ on your bookshelf, teaching math to your kids in a new fun way, sketching on your notes at work and singing in your car on the way home or reading a bedtime story to your children with a new and funny voice for each character (thanks dad).

What do you love to create?

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One thought on “Creating

  1. Jacob Smith on said:

    Aunt Beth,
    I saw your website and loved it!!! I hope lots of people like your artwork as much as I do, and buy it.


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