Inspiration Book

I collect images that inspire me.  As an artist, I find them to be an invaluable tool.

I find images all around me.  From publications such as Art News, Art in America and Art Calendar Magazine as well as artist postcards, magazines and gallery publications.  I also read multiple art blogs and love to find new artist websites that make my brain think in a new way and see the world differently.

I am attracted to different images for different reasons.  Many times I am simply drawn to the way certain colors interact with each other.  Other times it will be a shape or the way a sharp edge dissolves into a blur.  I  will sometimes keep images as a reference to the shape of an eye or hand.  There are images that I save because they evoke a strong emotion…negative or positive.  Sometimes, an image just makes me smile and puts me in a great mood.

I keep all of these images in a three-ring binder, in sheet protectors.  I currently have a few hundred pages in my collection.  If I ever go through the book and an image no longer speaks to me…I take it out and toss it.  This makes the binder a current, working tool.

What inspires you?

(sample images from my Inspiration Book – click to enlarge)

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One thought on “Inspiration Book

  1. Jenie on said:

    My sister and I were just talking about doing the same – less pressure than a written journal but still a compelling documentation of what draws you in the world and a cache of inspiration.

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